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One-on-one tutoring by experienced tutors and credentialed teachers. Our program is designed to help you master the topics in Accounting and Financing. Accounting and Finance tutoring not only helps you complete the school assignments but accounting tutoring also prepares for quizzes and exams.


Accounting Tutoring

Accounting is the foundation course for many advanced courses in Schools, Colleges and Universities. Many students start with Accounting I and then progress to Accounting 2 and Finance courses.


Accounting Topics:

Financial Accounting

Balance Sheet

Profit and Loss Statement

Shareholders Equity Statement

Trial Balance

Ledger Entries

Cash Statement

Bank Statement

Reconciling Bank Statement and Cash Statement

Accounting Ratios

Depreciation: Straight line, double declining, etc.


Managerial Accounting

Job Costing

Process Costing

Activity based costing

Variable costing and absorption costing

Cost volume profit analysis

JIT Costing


Finance Topics:

Analyzing Financial Statements

Financial Ratios

Time value of money (Present value, Future value, etc)

Bond valuation

Stock valuation

Cost of capital

Cash flows

Capital budgeting

Mortgage payments and interest calculations



Accounting 1

Accounting 2