HESI (Nursing Entrance Exam) Tutors & Teachers for Lessons, Instruction or Help

HESI (Nursing Entrance Exam) tutoring is divided into Math, English and Science sections. At U.S. Best Tutors you can sign up for one subject or for all subjects. All lessons are in a very small group of 1-2 students.

Many students take courses in Pre-Algebra , Algebra I and Geometry before they start HESI Math test preparation. U.S. Best Tutors provide detail review on the math, English and Science topics to get you ready for the HESI test with lot of practice problems directly from the exam.

HESI Nursing Entrance Exam (Math Tutoring) Topics:

  • Arithmetic: Sets and numerical operations.
  • Arithmetic Skills: Fractions, decimals and numbers related to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Dosage calculations: Using ratio techniques and conversion techniques.
  • Algebra I : Algebraic equations and inequalities; absolute functions, rational, radical and exponential equations; direct and inverse variation; domain and range; and linear graphs.
  • Geometry: Lines in parallel and perpendicular settings. Right triangles and special triangles (45,45,90 and 30,60,90). Coordinate geometry. Geometric shapes in 2D and 3D.
  • Word problems: Applying algebraic techniques, ratios, percentages and other advanced topics to solve word problems.
  • Data Sufficiency: Topics related to analyzing information and data to determine if information and data provided is sufficient to solve the problem.


HESI Nursing Entrance Exam (English Tutoring): Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Grammar

  • Identify main and supporting ideas in Reading Comprehension.
  • Determine word meaning in context in Reading Comprehension to improve Vocabulary.
  • Understand authors’ purpose and opinions in Reading Comprehension related to medical and health scenarios.
  • Understand structure and function of sentences in Grammar.
  • Recognize sentence errors in Grammar.
  • Effectively and insightfully develop a point of view related to nursing scenarios.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking with clearly supporting position
  • Exhibit skillful use of language/vocabulary

HESI Nursing Entrace Exam (Physics Tutoring) Topics:

  • Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Kinematics: speed, acceleration, projectile motion and rotation
  • Forces: friction, weight and normal forces.
  • Energy: Kinetic energy, potential energy and mechanical energy
  • Waves and Sound
  • Light and Optics.

HESI Nursing Entrance Exam (Chemistry Tutoring) Topics:

  • Atomic structure: Proton, Neutron and Electron
  • Periodic table: Physical and Chemical properties of elements
  • Matter: Solid, Liquid and gas.
  • Chemical equations: Creating chemical equations and performing calculations.
  • Chemical reactions
  • Chemical bonding: ionic, covalent and polar.
  • Nuclear chemistry.

HESI Nursing Entrance Exam (Biology Tutoring) Topics:

  • Photosynthesis
  • Metabolism
  • Cells and cellular respiration
  • Biology basics and Biological molecules.

HESI Nursing Entrance Exam (ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY) Topics:

  • Anatomical structures, systems and general terminology.

About HESI Entrance Exam Tutoring:

  • HESI Nursing Entrance Exam classes covers all the topics listed above and additionally students are trained to complete the HESI test within time.
  • Advanced learners can work on entire test packets to improve their test taking skills.

HESI Entrance Exam Format:

The HESI Entrance exam consists of exams on different academic topic areas such as: reading comprehension, vocabulary and general knowledge, grammar, math, biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and physics.  There is also a section intended to help identify a candidate’s personality and learning style.  Nursing schools can choose which tests they want to assess their candidates on, as well as what scores they desire for admissions.


The HESI Math exam contains 50 questions and is expected to take 50 minutes or less to complete.


The HESI Reading Comprehension exam consists of 47 questions and is expected to take 60 minutes or less.


The HESI Vocab test has 50 questions and is recommended to take 50 minutes


The HESI grammar tests consists of 50 items and is expected to take 50 minutes or less.


The HESI Chemistry exam is 25 questions long and should take no longer than 25 minutes.


The A&P exams contains 25 questions taken in a 25 minute period.


The HESI Biology exam consists of 25 questions and has a recommended time limit of 25 minutes.


The Physics exam contains 25 questions, but students are allowed 50 minutes to complete the exam

HESI Learning Style/Personality Profile:

Learning Styles – A 14 question test intended to identify your learning style.  Students will have 15 minutes to take this assessment.

Personality Style – The Personality Assessment consists of 15 questions given in a 15 minute time period.

Why study HESI Nursing Entrance Exam:

  • HESI is the required aptitude test for getting admission in many nursing programs and health professions in colleges and universities.