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Pre-Algebra Tutoring in Corona
Pre-Algebra is the foundation course for many advanced courses in Corona Schools. Many students start with Pre-Algebra then move towards Algebra I and then finally take Algebra II. Students taking Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus also find the courses easy if they have solid grip on Algebra.

Pre-Algebra Topics in Corona School:

  • Evaluating algebraic expressions using order of operations.
  • Simplifying algebraic expressions using the distributive property.
  • Write and solve algebraic inequalities.
  • Graph integer numbers on number line.
  • Find absolute values of an algebraic evaluation.
  • Identify prime and composite numbers
  • Least common multiple (LCM)
  • Greatest common factor (GCF)
  • Scientific notation
  • Simplifying fractions in algebraic expressions using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Solve algebraic equations with unknown variables.
  • Graph linear equations
  • Convert measurements in the metric system such as converting inches to feet.
  • Percentages and proportions problems.

Why study Pre-Algebra in Corona Schools:

  • Pre-Algebra is the pre-requisite for many courses.
  • Aptitude tests such as CAHSEE, ACT, SAT and many courses in math, science and college need the knowledge of pre-algebra.

Application of Pre-Algebra:
1)   Learns how to compute discounts and tax for items.
2)   Many entry level jobs require knowledge of these pre-algebra concepts.

What is next after Pre-Algebra:
You are ready for more Math then it is time to learn Algebra I.

About Pre-Algebra:
Corona schools teach pre-algebra in Grades 5-8.
Algebra I is Corona high schools are taught in Grade 9.

Advanced learner:
It is very possible to complete Pre-Algebra in Corona Schools in Grade 7 so you are in bright group of students who are taking Algebra I in 8th Grade.

Mathematics and Pre-Algebra knowledge needed in Professional Education:
Nursing Schools, Army and Navy tests (ASVAB), CAHSEE

Adult Education and College:
Many colleges require you to pass placement tests that have mathematics questions based on pre-algebra. If you are not proficient in pre-algebra then you are required to take foundation mathematics course in pre-algebra before you can take any advanced courses in community colleges and universities.


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