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AP-Calculus Tutoring in Corona
AP-Calculus is the advanced course in Corona Schools. Many students take courses in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra IIGeometry and Pre-Calculus before they start AP-Calculus.

AP-Calculus Topics in Corona School:

  • Many topics are common in AP-Calculus AB & BC.
  • Limits: Evaluating numerically and graphically
  • Asymptotes: Evaluating vertical and horizontal asymptotes and using asymptotes to sketch graphs in calculus functions.
  • Continuous functions: Find discontinuity if exist.
  • Parametric Functions
  • Polar Functions
  • Vector Functions
  • Derivative: Formulas and applications.
  • First derivative test and second derivative test in Calculus functions.
  • Local linear approximation
  • Mean Value Theorem in Calculus.
  • Evaluating integrals algebraically and graphically.
  • Applications of Integrals: Area, volume and rate problems
  • Numerical approximation: Reimann Sums and areas under curve.
  • Convergence series and summation.
  • Taylor Series.


Why study AP-Calculus in Corona Schools:

  • AP-Calculus is the advanced placement exam for higher courses in colleges and universities.
  • Students get credit for College level Calculus course.
  • Save time and money in College.

Application of AP-Calculus:
1)   Provides eligibility to take higher courses in Colleges and University.
2)   Makes the mathematics courses easier in Colleges and University.

What is next after AP-Calculus:
You can take advanced courses in Calculus from community college to get more credits towards your degree.

About AP-Calculus:
Corona schools teach AP-Calculus in Grades 11 and 12.
AP-Calculus is highly recommended for students who want to major in science related fields such as medicine and engineering.

Advanced learner:
It is very possible to complete AP-Calculus in Corona Schools in Grade 11 without even doing Pre-Calculus. Algebra II provides the foundation here for AP-Calculus.

Mathematics and AP-Calculus knowledge needed in Professional Education:
Medicine Schools, Engineering Schools, Colleges and Universities


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