“I brought my 16yr old son here because he was struggling in Algebra and Chemistry. After his 1st lesson in Algebra he came out very happy. He said his tutor explained it so much better then his actual teacher. He took a test that week and had an A. I have yet to see his chemistry grade go up but that has nothing to do w/US Best Tutor.
I highly recommend them.”
Smyrna A., Corona, CA

“My son is a Junior in high school and transferred to another school mid year. Unfortunately the third quarter found him failing in Algebra II and Chemistry, besides tanking other classes. From the first session he attended with Mr. Fawad with Algebra he was relieved to find out he could understand with ease, unlike his high school teachers. This was the same with Amanda as well. . .with consistent tutoring, my son is turning in every assignment, receiving 100%, A’s and B’s. He is confident and interested in the challenges he meets each day. I think this is the blessing of coming to U.S. Best Tutors, not only is his grades vastly improved but so is his attitude to academic challenges. His Chemistry teacher was so astonished at his improvement that she wanted info on U.S. Best Tutors to recommend to her students in need.
Thank you so much for your professional interest in working with my son! You don’t know how the tutoring experience will turnout, I only wish I had come much sooner.”
B R. Corona, CA

“After my daughter’s 1st test in Trig / Pre Calculus she realized she needed help. No matter how much she studied, she just wasn’t getting it. After her first session at U.S. Best Tutors my daughter walked out and said, “Wow mom… I finally get it.” Her tutor has the gift of being able to break down the concepts for understanding. My daughter’s confidence in math has now been restored. We are looking forward to a great year! In addition, the staff is absolutely wonderful!”
AK., Chino, CA

“The tutors and owners are AMAZING! My daughter was failing Math in 7th grade, I had to do something because her school wouldn’t help me. I found US Best Tutors and after a month of going to tutoring she had a B in the class and after another month she has an A! I wish I could have continued to take her there but the location is not close to me BUT I will say they are worth every penny and more!”
Michelle F.

“Wow, this site is awesome. Was having terrible problems in my graduate level biostatistics course and used US Best tutors for help. I know Im going to end up with a great grade when I never thought it possible. Thank you Us Best tutors, that is ONE class I did NOT want to repeat!”

“Very nice business. The owners are friendly. My daughter had a tutoring session for math and she was pleased with the tutor. She felt he explained things clearly. They seem reasonably priced as well compared to other tutor companies.”
S.H. Corona

“Awesome math tutoring from middle school through high school and SAT/ACT test prep. I watched my boys’ grades go from low C’s to A’s in math and also saw much improvement and confidence in testing. Thank you for such great service!”
Michelle P. Riverside, CA

“The help I received from US Best tutor was outstanding . Everyone was very professional and caring. I went to them in a panic and failing in my math class. The tutor assured me that they could help and listen attentive to my concerns. Instead of the failing grade that I had going in, I left with an A. These guys are awesome. Thanks again!”
Ester G.

“I am very satisfied with the tutoring help I received from U.S. Best Tutors. I was failing (Grade D) in my Algebra course but with the help of math tutor I was able to understand concepts and perform well on the tests. Tutor not only explained me the concepts but also listed the formulas and the steps so it was very easy to follow. I wish my teacher explained this to me this well. I was able to get A- in my Algebra class. Thank you for doing awesome tutoring. Keep up the good work.”

“I brought my kid tutoring the science initially. The tutor is so professional, my kid grades jumped from C+ to almost A- in one trimester. The tutor is so patient, detailed and knowledgeable. Later one, we also tried Math, English and History and found out the same tutor named Amanda is capable of everything.
Now, my kid is almost the top student in the private middle school in Claremont. Driving that long is worth. I also introduced my niece and my friend’s son to this place. My friend even drove from West Covina but still worth it. All of us are happy with the tutor especially Amanda. My kid just interacted with her and made the tutoring time so fun even every Sunday 3 hours continuously.
In addition, most of the other tutoring centers have the package but cannot customize with what you need in different schools. That is the culture of this tutoring center with the one to one customized service. The student did not have to stick to the tutoring center requirement. Every student had different requirement. How can you put in the same pace for the tutoring class. Maybe SAT and ACT but not normal classes. Highly recommended.”
Suzanna m., La Verne, CA

“Service is excellent. I was able to pass the final test of my graduate school statistics course with flying colors with their help. The company is very honest and trustworthy. The tutors are very patient and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend their service to everyone.”
Joanna A.

“My son just started 2x a week and so far he’s enjoying the sessions and motivated to learn. He’s 5 years old and his tutor understands that if he’s not feeling it that day or if he can’t do it, she finds ways to keep him going by jumping to another problem or activity. He comes home with homework so we can complete together at home. We are looking forward when he’s done and seeing his progress.”
Dans P., Corona, CA

“The tutors and the staff in general at this place are fantastic! I came here for my SAT subject tests last year and got all the help from designated tutors to score what I hoped for! This year we even enrolled my younger brother here who has drastically improved in his education since he began. All the tutors give you their undivided attention and you can count on Mrs. Fawad to keep you updated on your child’s progress and any questions that you would need answered. I recommend this place to anyone looking for tutoring in any subject, and promise that you will not regret it. They indeed are U.S best tutors!”
Laiba K., Corona, CA

“Great experience! The tutor I worked with was very knowledgeable and patient. He really put the time in to help me. I never would have passed my statistics class! I would highly recommend them.”
Nichole C.

“I am so happy with the high quality level of service I have received from this company. It has been extremely difficult to find a tutoring company that has tutors that can actually provide tutoring in advanced statistics. I loved the tutoring sessions I received and am extremely satisfied with the results.”
Heather K.

“I have always hated math my entire life. I was struggling with my Statistics class last year and couldn’t pull my grade above a C-minus. At this point, I decided to hire a math tutor from U.S Best Tutors to help improve my grade. After tutoring the whole semester, my grade moved from a C- to a B+ in a few weeks, and I finished the semester with an A-minus.”
Kelly C., Riverside, CA

“My daughter goes to a very competitive high school, and last semester she was having trouble with her AP trigonometry class. After registering with U.S Best Tutors, I found a wonderful tutor for my daughter who helped her go from a C- to an A+.”
Mrs. Catero, Corona, CA

“Being very shy and hesitant to ask questions in an SAT class of 20 people, my parents decided that one-on-one tutoring was best for me. My score increased by 340 points! I couldn’t be happier with the result.”
Kathy Z., Redlands, CA

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John T.