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Enrollment Terms and Billing Policies for Online Payments

Tutoring Payment:

Tuition payment is due in advance in order to schedule tutoring sessions. This is a one time tutoring payment.

Recurring Payment:

Please register in person at our tutoring centers in order to sign up for monthly program. You may also call 951-479-1557 to set up recurring payments.

Cancelling or Refund policy:

There are NO REFUNDS. To cancel, you are required to provide a 30-day notice.

Tutoring Sessions:

A session is approx. 55 min to allow for transition of students. Instruction is individualized, and usually entails either utilizing the student’s own school work to teach concepts, while utilizing our curriculum to supplement the teaching. Optionally tutoring may be based entirely on our curriculum.

While having an excellent history of success in meeting student needs, we recognize that each child is unique, and results may vary with each child’s abilities. Therefore, we can make no guarantees as to the level of improvement. We also do not warrant any terms such as a female/male tutor or schedule.

Missed Lessons:

Missed lessons without 48 hour notice will be charged regular session and would not result in make-up. Make-ups are to be done within the same month of missed lessons if approved.

Schedule changes:

Schedule change can only be accepted for notices before 48 hours. Otherwise considered a missed lesson, and terms will apply as per “Missed Lessons” above. Schedule changes are not guaranteed.