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Algebra Tutoring in Corona
Algebra is the foundation course for many advanced courses in Corona Schools. Many students start with Pre-Algebra then move towards Algebra I and then finally take Algebra II. Students taking Geometry, PreCalculus and Calculus also find the courses easy if they have solid grip on Algebra.

Algebra I Topics in Corona School:
Review of Pre-Algebra topics.
Algebraic equations and solving for unknown variables in linear models.

  • Graphing system of linear equations and exponential functions.
  • Linear equations of form y = mx +b. Learn how to create and solve algebraic lines and what it means in term of actual graphical line.
  • Substitution method in solving linear equations
  • Elimination or addition method in solving linear equations
  • Graphing method in solving linear equations.
  • Factoring algebraic expressions.
  • Factoring Binomial and Trinomial.
  • Quadratic Equations: Solve algebraic quadratic equations numerically and graphically.
  • Simplifying algebraic expressions in rational expressions and equations.
  • Simply algebraic expression with roots and radicals.

Corona School teaches Algebra I in Grade 9 but advanced learners can take Algebra I in Corona Schools in Grade 8.

Why study Algebra I in Corona Schools:
Algebra I is the pre-requisite for many mathematics courses in Corona high schools.

  • Aptitude tests such as CAHSEE, ACT, SAT and many courses in mathematics, science and college need the knowledge of Algebra I.

Application of Algebra I:
1)   Learn how to compute bills such as telephone bills, electricity bills and gas bills. Then analyze company that is a better provider in terms of cost saving.
2)   Calculate time needed to reach any destination given speed and distance of drive.
3)   Many jobs require knowledge of these Algebra I concepts.

What is next after AlgebraI:
You are ready for more Mathematics then it is time to learn Algebra II and Geometry.

About Algebra I:
Corona schools teach Algebra I in Grade 9.
Algebra II in Corona high schools are taught in Grade 10.

Advanced learner:
It is very possible to complete Algebra I in Corona Schools in Grade 8 so you are with the bright group of students who are taking Algebra II in 9th Grade.
Mathematics and Algebra I knowledge needed in Professional Education and standardized tests:
Nursing Schools,  Army and Navy tests (ASVAB), CAHSEE, ACT, SAT

Adult Education and College:
Many colleges require you to pass placement tests that have mathematics questions based on Algebra I. If you are not proficient in Algebra I then you are required to take foundation mathematics course in Algebra before you can take any advanced courses in community colleges and universities.


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