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SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Math Tutoring in Chino Hills
SAT MATH is one of the sections of the aptitude test. Many students take courses in Pre-AlgebraAlgebra IAlgebra II and Geometry before they start SAT Math test preparation. Chino Hills tutors in SAT Math covers all the topics in SAT MATH.

SAT Math Tutoring Topics taught by Chino Hills Tutors:

  • Arithmetic expressions and word problems: percentages, rates, and ratios.
  • Integrated Math and Algebra: Advanced Algebraic equations and problem solving related to SAT math problems. Graphing algebraic equations and inequalities; absolute functions, rational, radical and exponential equations; direct and inverse variation; domain and range; linear, quadratic and transformation of graphs.
  • Integrated Math and Geometry: Problems involving Geometry courses related to SAT math problems. Lines and angles in parallel and perpendicular settings. Right triangles, similar triangles and congruent triangles. Coordinate geometry. Geometric shapes in 2D and 3D related to sphere, cube and cone.
  • Statistics and Integrated Math 3: Plots, lines and graphs. Solving probability problems using tables and algebra related to SAT math problems.
  • Pre-Calculus and Integrated Math 3. Trigonometric functions and graphs related to SAT math topics.


Why study SAT MATH with Chino Hills Tutors:

  • SAT is the required aptitude test for getting admission in many colleges and universities.
  • High scoring students in SAT can apply for scholarship in Colleges and Universities.

About SAT Math tutoring in Chino Hills:

  • SAT Math classes covers all the topics listed above and additionally students are trained to complete SAT tests within time.
  • Advanced learners can work on entire test packets to improve their test taking skills and improve on SAT Math section.


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