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Geometry Tutoring in Chino Hills

Geometry is the foundation course for learning angles, lines, polygon, trigonometry and many shapes such as triangle, quadrilateral and multiple sided shapes. Many students start with Pre-Algebra then move towards Algebra I and then finally take Geometry. Students taking Algebra II, PreCalculus and Calculus also find the courses easy if they have solid grip on Geometry. Geometry is also taught in Integrated Math 2 in high schools of Chino Hills.

Geometry Tutoring Topics for Chino Hills School:

  • Properties of lines and planes.
  • Parallel lines to compute angles and construct parallel lines
    and planes.
  • Geometry shapes: Congruent triangles and theorems.
  • Geometry shapes: Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Rhombus and Kite.
  • Inequalities in Geometry.
  • Similar shapes in Geometry such as polygon’s ratio, perimeter and areas.
  • In depth study of Right Triangle in Geometry and Pythagorean Theorem.
  • Circles: Properties of circles in Geometry such as key concepts on radius, tangent, arcs, chords and angles.
  • Geometrical Solid Shapes: Prisms, Pyramid, Cylinder and Cone.
  • Co-ordinate Geometry: Midpoint formula and distance formula.
  • Transformation: Reflection, translation and rotation.

Why take tutoring and study Geometry in Chino Hills Schools:

  • Geometry is the pre-requisite for many courses.
  • Aptitude tests such as CAHSEE, ACT, SAT and many courses in math, science and college need the knowledge of Geometry to score high.

Application of Geometry tutoring:

1)   Learn how to compute angles of elevation or depression from any point in Earth.
2)   Calculate areas and volumes for many shapes.

What is next after Geometry tutoring:

You are ready for more Math then it is time to learn Integrated Math 3, Algebra II, Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus.

About Geometry tutoring course:

Chino Hills schools teach Geometry in Grades 8-10. Geometry is extensively taught in integrated math 2 in high schools.

Advanced learner in Geometry tutoring:

It is very possible to complete Geometry in Chino Hills Schools in Grade 8 so you are in bright group of students who are taking Algebra II in 9th Grade.

Mathematics and Geometry tutoring knowledge needed in Professional Education:

Nursing Schools, Army and Navy tests (ASVAB), CAHSEE,

Adult Education and College requirements for Geometry:

Many colleges require you to pass placement tests that have mathematics questions based on Geometry. If you are not proficient in Geometry then you will score low on these placement tests. U.S. Best tutors can help you get ready for geometry.

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