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AP-Statistics Tutoring in Chino Hills

AP-Statistics is the advanced course in Chino Hills Schools. Many students take courses in Pre-AlgebraAlgebra IAlgebra IIGeometry and Pre-Calculus before they start AP-Statistics. Students may even opt for integrated math series (integrated math 1, integrated math 2, integrated math 3) before taking AP Statistics.

AP-Statistics Tutoring Topics for Chino Hills School:

  • Descriptive Statistics: Central measures of discrete and continuous variables.
  • Statistical graphs: Scatter plot, Boxplot, histogram, pie-chart.
  • Statistical Data representation: Cumulative Frequency, relative frequency and tables
  • Regression line: Drawing Plots and calculating correlation and models.
  • Statistical sampling: random, strata, quota, cluster
  • Statistical probabilities: Binomial, Geometric and marginal.
  • Normal Distribution: Bell curve with standard tables and calculator to compute the probabilities.
  • Confidence intervals: Statistical inferences and interpretation on data.
  • Hypothesis testing in statistics: Null hypothesis and alternate hypothesis and statistical analysis.
  • Chi-square test in statistics: test of independence.

Why take tutoring and study AP-Statistic in Chino Hills Schools:

  • AP-Statistic is the advanced placement exam for higher business courses in colleges and universities.
  • Students get credit for College level Statistics course.
  • Save time and money in College.

Application of AP-Statistics tutoring:

1)   Provides eligibility to take higher courses in Colleges and University.
2)   Makes the business and statistics courses easier in Colleges and University.

What is next after AP-Statistics:

You can take advanced courses in Statistics from community college to get more credits towards your degree and U.S. Best Tutors offers tutoring in more advanced statistics courses as well.

About AP-Statistics tutoring course:

Chino Hills schools teach AP-Statistics in Grades 11 and 12.
AP-Statistics is highly recommended for Chino Hills students who want to major in science related fields such as medicine and nursing. It is highly recommended for Chino Hills students who wants to major in business studies.

Advanced learner in AP Statistics:

It is very possible to complete AP-Statistics in Chino Hills Schools in Grade 11 without even doing Pre-CalculusAlgebra II and Integrated Math 3 provides the foundation level for AP-Statistics.

Mathematics and AP-Statistics knowledge needed in Professional Education:

Medicine Schools, Engineering Schools, Business Schools, Nursing Schools, Colleges and Universities

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