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AP-Calculus Tutoring in Chino Hills

AP-Calculus is the advanced course in Chino Hills Schools. Many students take courses in Pre-AlgebraAlgebra IAlgebra IIGeometry and Pre-Calculus before they start AP-Calculus. Alternatively, students also take Integrated Math 1, Integrated Math 2 and Integrated Math 3 before taking AP Calculus course.

AP-Calculus Tutoring Topics for Chino Hills School:

Many tutoring topics are common in AP-Calculus AB & BC.

Limits: Evaluating numerically and graphically

Asymptotes: Evaluating vertical and horizontal asymptotes and using asymptotes to sketch graphs in calculus functions.

Continuous functions: Find discontinuity if exist.

Parametric Functions

Polar Functions

Vector Functions

Derivative: Formulas and applications.

First derivative test and second derivative test in Calculus functions.

Local linear approximation

Mean Value Theorem in Calculus.

Evaluating integrals algebraically and graphically.

Applications of Integrals: Area, volume and rate problems

Numerical approximation: Reimann Sums and areas under curve.

Convergence series and summation.

Taylor Series.

Why study and take tutoring in AP-Calculus:

AP-Calculus is the advanced placement exam for higher courses in colleges and universities.

Students get credit for College level Calculus course.

AP Calculus tutoring saves time and money in College.

Application of AP-Calculus tutoring:

1)   Provides eligibility to take higher courses in Colleges and University.
2)   Makes the mathematics courses easier in Colleges and University.

What is next after AP-Calculus:

You can take advanced courses in Calculus from community college to get more credits towards your degree. U.S. Best Tutors even provides tutoring in advanced calculus topics.

About AP-Calculus:

Chino Hills schools teach AP-Calculus in Grades 11 and 12.
AP-Calculus tutoring is highly recommended for students who want to major in science related fields such as medicine and engineering.

Advanced AP-Calculus learner:

It is very possible to complete AP-Calculus in Chino Hills Schools in Grade 11 without even doing Pre-Calculus. Integrated Math courses provide the foundation here for AP-Calculus.

Mathematics and AP-Calculus knowledge needed in Professional Education:

Medicine Schools, Engineering Schools, Colleges and Universities

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