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Algebra Tutoring in Chino Hills
Algebra is the foundation course for many advanced courses in Chino Hills Schools. Many students start with Pre-Algebra then move towards Algebra I and then finally take Algebra II. Students taking GeometryPreCalculus and Calculus also find the courses easy if they have solid grip on Algebra.

Algebra I Topics in Chino Hills School:
Review of Pre-Algebra topics.
Algebraic equations and solving for unknown variables in linear models.

Graphing system of linear equations and exponential functions.

Linear equations of form y = mx +b. Learn how to create and solve algebraic lines and what it means in term of actual graphical line.

Substitution method in solving linear equations

Elimination or addition method in solving linear equations

Graphing method in solving linear equations.

Factoring algebraic expressions.

Factoring Binomial and Trinomial.

Quadratic Equations: Solve algebraic quadratic equations numerically and graphically.

Simplifying algebraic expressions in rational expressions and equations.

Simply algebraic expression with roots and radicals.

Chino Hills School teaches Algebra I in Grade 9 but advanced learners can take Algebra I in Chino Hills Schools in Grade 8.

Why study Algebra I in Chino Hills Schools:
Algebra I is the pre-requisite for many mathematics courses in Chino Hills high schools.

Aptitude tests such as CAHSEE, ACT, SAT and many courses in mathematics, science and college need the knowledge of Algebra I.

Application of Algebra I:
1)   Learn how to compute bills such as telephone bills, electricity bills and gas bills. Then analyze company that is a better provider in terms of cost saving.
2)   Calculate time needed to reach any destination given speed and distance of drive.
3)   Many jobs require knowledge of these Algebra I concepts.

What is next after Algebra I:
You are ready for more Mathematics then it is time to learn Algebra II and Geometry.

About Algebra I:
Chino Hills schools teach Algebra I in Grade 9.
Algebra II in Chino Hills high schools are taught in Grade 10.

Advanced learner:
It is very possible to complete Algebra I in Chino Hills Schools in Grade 8 so you are with the bright group of students who are taking Algebra II in 9th Grade.
Mathematics and Algebra I knowledge needed in Professional Education and standardized tests:
Nursing Schools,  Army and Navy tests (ASVAB), CAHSEE, ACT, SAT

Adult Education and College:
Many colleges require you to pass placement tests that have mathematics questions based on Algebra I. If you are not proficient in Algebra I then you are required to take foundation mathematics course in Algebra before you can take any advanced courses in community colleges and universities.

Chino Hills Tutoring Subjects:

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Chino Hills Algebra II

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Chino Hills AP Statistic

Chino Hills Geometry

Chino Hills PreAlgebra

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